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    Terpsichore - it's pronounced terp-SI-kaw-ree. The muse of dance. She's one of my favourite muses, but I don't think it's usable as a first.
    Amphitrite - it's pronounced am-fi-TRAI-tee. A pre greek sea Goddess. Too difficult, and not very pretty.
    Asteria - lovely. Titan Goddess of nocturnal rites. I think it's a lovely name, and the most usable on your list. Asta, Ria, Teri.
    Pepromene - personification of fate. Not very pretty, I wouldn't use it.
    Mnemosyne - the mother of the muses. I think it's a pretty name, but probably as a middle as I assume a lot of people mispronounce it. Nemo.
    Nemesis - the Goddess of divine retribution. I don't have a big problem with her, but it's not a name I would ever give to a child. Nemi.
    Eurynome - quite pretty. The Goddess of water pastures and mother of the Graces.
    Andromeda - Beautiful and haunting. An interesting story, and she married Perseus. And it's a constellation, and that always sways me. Andy, Meda, Mea, Romy.
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    I like Asteria and Andromeda. The others I find completely unusable, especially Nemesis.
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    thanks a lot

    i agree that only Andromeda and Asteria are usable names

    @Ottilie thanks for corected my pr ,i found the pr in a site but i had a feeling that it was wrong lol

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