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    I trip over Phillipa but love Pippa as a nn. I think of a spunky go getter with the name Phillipa.
    Indeed. Part of the reason I like it is because that twin is super active, and it feels like Pippa would probably suit her if she means to go on as she's started out!

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    I agree that Philippa Winter is stunning.

    Normally I'm not a fan of Felicity, but Felicity Winter is undeniably pretty. Philippa Eve is gorgeous too. These are some great pairs! In this case I think both Winter and Eve make better middle names than Eleanor.

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    I like all four names a lot. However, I don't care for pairing Felicity with Winter because Felicity is a word name and so is Winter.

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    I love Philippa with Vivienne, but Winter with Grey. If I had to choose I would choose Philippa Eve, but personally I think Philippa Winter fits better with Vivienne Grey. As Winter and Grey are both unisex word names, where as Eve is a more established feminine name.
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    I love Felicity Winter!!
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