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    Delilah - what springs to mind?

    We've decided (I think!) on Delilah Lark for our second daughter due early June.

    But unlike with our elder daughter, where I felt "Iris" would suit any baby girl, I'm getting the sense that maybe Delilah doesn't...

    Have any of you waited to see a baby and renamed because they "aren't an x" somehow? What sort of a girl couldn't carry off Delilah? Though frankly I'm not going to know whether my daughter has the sass to do so when she's born am I? Should I have a name in reserve?

    What springs to mind when you hear the name (yes, I know about the ghastly Tom Jones song and I'm not bothered about the biblical story's possible negative connotations) please?

    I'm slightly worried it might be the preserve of the pretty and/or charismatic - that a plain and/or very serious type might not enjoy it at all.

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    I think it is always wise to have a couple of back up options. It wasn't a problem for us but I know some people have changed the name at the last minute because it didn't suit their baby.

    I know you said you don't care about the biblical connotations but that for me is what springs to mind. It is a name that carries a lot of history and for me negative connotations. For that reason I think I would take a very specific kind of girl to carry it off. Although, like you said that would be hard to know from birth.

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    I love the name Delilah. I wasn't raised Christian, so I know very little about the actual bible story, but am vaguely aware of the connotations. I tried to sell my hubby on Delilah with both of our girls, but he couldn't get past the bible story. Finally now, though, on baby #4, he has agreed to put it on our list! I think it's a beautiful name, and if she was ever bothered by the biblical connotations, she could always go by Lila.

    The first thing that comes to mind for me is the Plain White T's song "Hey There Delilah."
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    Being religious, I can't get past the religious connotations (no matter how hard I try). I mean, she was a genuinely horrible person. I categorize it with Jezebel in the "sounds cool, but I would never name a child this due to the connotations" category. I knew a Delilah, and it was quite hard for people to get past her name... esp. since she lived up to it in all the bad ways... She was plain and extremely awkward, so I don't really think of Delilah as being in the "must be pretty to pull it off" category... The only good thing that springs to mind is the song "Hey There Delilah"...
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    I think of the bible story as well.

    I would shorten it to just Lila, which is lovely.

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