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    Oh my goodness you guys are awesome! You're giving me so many awesome ideas! If hubby agrees to first name Liam, then Merrick will need a new middle name! I don't like Merritt too much because it seems like a word to me. BUT do you think if we gave him a t middle name then he could have the nn Rhett? Like Merrick Taj nn Rhett? Is that too far of a stretch? Although... Zealand Taj is so so cute too!!! These are combos I like... Let me know which you think are best!

    Liam Wilder
    Merrick Taj nn Rhett
    Merrick Thomas nn Rhett
    Zealand Taj
    Maccoy Thomas

    That still leaves out a middle for Callen though... Nothing is seeming to fit! Oh and for those of you who don't know our girls names are

    Cora Lucille
    Ivy Louisa

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