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    Boys Are Driving Me Crazy!

    Boys names are stumping us. Bad. For girls we agree so easily! It just come to us, and we both love it! for boys its rougher. My husband finds names he loves but I hate. I have had names I've dreamed of using FOREVER that my husband shoots down. The result is us both trying to compromise on names one of us really doesn't like. For a while I agreed to Konrad Isaac. Then I thought 'what am i thinking... I HATE Konrad and my husband HATES Isaac!' Now we have a few option but nothing is quite like 'oh my goodness yes that is perfect!' Here is what we have- please help us fill in the gaps or suggest new things (although I think I have suggested every name know to man!)

    Merrick Liam - I suggested Merrick, Without much thought to it, and now my husband LOvES it. I wasn't crazy about it a whole lot at first. But I agreed to it as long as his middle name could be Liam (which I love). It has grown on both of us.
    Callen- this is totally different than anything my husband usually agrees to. We both really love it so I am excited about it. I just can not for the life of me find a middle name.
    McCoy- husband loves. He walks around saying McCoy my boy. I think it is cute, again becaus usually he doesn't agree to such classic sounding names. Just not sure if I like the capital c in it... Seems more like a last name. Maybe Mackoy?
    Rhett- I like because of gone withthe wind. My husband likes it because he knew a surfer names Rhett. Win win. For some reason I don't like how it looks on paper and I'm sad it doesn't have any cute nn's. we don't like Everett nn Rhett though. Just Rhett. Maybe if there where some other way to get to Rhett. We sort of like Rhett Maverick. But we just had friends who had a baby named Maverick so not too sure about that.

    Here are some other names that might be good for middles or first... Not really sure where to fit them in.

    Zealand- we both love it. But not sure if its suited for a first name
    Wilder- I love, my husband does not. He said maybe for a middle but none of the combos with wilder in it he has liked.
    Taj- my husbands love not sure yet if I like it or not
    Noah- my love forever and always that my husband really doesn't like

    I really just want something that can fit a baby, boy or man of any age. Something with a cute nickname. Something layed back and beachy but that also can stand on its own


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    I vote for Callen, especially since you both love it! How about:

    Callen Cruz (very cool)
    Callen Kade
    Callen McCoy

    I think all of those combos sound nice!

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    I LOOVVEE Liam Wilder. Unfortunately I can gaur inter my husband will probably veto it very quickly. But maybe if I keep begging Callen McCoy is also pretty cute.

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    Woops I mean gauruntee

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