View Poll Results: What should our son's name be?

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  • Adam James

    18 17.65%
  • Clark James

    15 14.71%
  • Desmond James

    41 40.20%
  • Dylan James

    21 20.59%
  • Nathan James

    30 29.41%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I voted for Desmond. Very handsome. I also like Nathan.
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    Nathaniel nn Nate

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    My favourite is Nathan James -so handsome & I prefer a 2 syllable (or more) name with the one syllable James.
    I like the meaning of Dylan, and it sounds good with James too.
    My 3rd favourite is Adam James.

    I just looked "Molly" up on and it is apparently a drug reference, but I had to look it up. I don't think it's common knowledge unless you're in the drug world in one way or another. Molly is a very cute, spunky name. I don't think it should be ruined by one group of people's use of the name. Besides, it probably won't be used that way in a few years anyhow. They'll have found a new nn for their drugs of choice.
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    I voted for Dylan James. I think my second choice would be Desmond James. I love the nn Desi!

    As far as Molly goes. I have heard of the term in relation to drugs but it is almost always pluralized. And Molly has been a girl's name for lots longer. I can't see it becoming much of an issue. I knew a Mary Jane growing up and she didn't get much more teasing from her name than any other kid.

    Molly Rosalyn is a very cute name.

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    "Molly" as a drug reference refers to MDMA, if I recall correctly...but I wouldn't let it ruin the name Molly! It's not like Mary Jane, most people never have anything to do with MDMA, so it's not nearly as well known. I never think of the drug reference when I meet someone named Molly! Molly Rosalyn is such a sweet combo, I wouldn't rule it out just for this, no one is going to think you're into drugs because you have a daughter named Molly.

    If it really bothers you, maybe consider: Anna, Holly, Lucy, Alice, Nina, Cora, Maisie, Margot, Maggie, Laura, Daisy, Hannah, Katherine, Felicity, Jane, Amy, Eleanor, Millie

    I like all of your boy names. Desmond would be my pick, it's familiar but unexpected!

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    I like Nathan James the best. Nathan and Molly is a really cute potential sibset. I like the sound of Desmond James. When I hear Desmond and Molly, I think of The Beatles song. But they're also a very cute potential sibset and as long as your last name isn't Jones, I think it's a wonderful option.

    Also coming from a Molly, I don't think the drug connection will be as prevalent when she grows up. I unfortunately enough was not only named Molly but was born on a notorious day in drug culture so when anyone finds out my birthday they have a good laugh. Seeing as she'd be a June baby, I don't think it'll be an issue. Anyhow, I think Molly Rosalyn is adorable and I wouldn't let the drug references sway my opinion on it.
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