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    I'm going with Pearl. Ashanti has become a one person name IMO.
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    I actually like Ashanti! I think the nn Shani is adorable.
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    Pearl is beautiful, I don't like Ashanti at all. Pearl may be in for a revival though if that bothers you?!

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    Pearl, absolutely. It's timeless, elegant, not associated with any particular person, and will age well.

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    Pearl by a mile. More so than with actresses, names heavily associated with singers often seem off limits to me for some reason (unless they were very established or ubiquitous beforehand): Celine, Cher/Cheryl, Selena, Britney (this spelling of it it), Rihanna, Loretta, Dolly, Miley...and even the more popular ones like Aaliyah and Mariah.

    I think even names like Tiffany, Donna, Whitney, Paula, Christina, and, increasingly, Katy and Taylor have suffered from their pop singer associations.

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