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    Tough one. I think this is a hard question for anyone but you and your husband to answer through open and honest consultation and discussion. I think there is a balance that would need to be walked. I honestly feel that more important than choosing a favorite name is the process of coming to a united decision together with your spouse. Whether that means the name sticks to Thomas or a different name ends up being the choice is almost secondary, it seems to me. As long as both voices are being expressed openly and listened to fully, that is when the right name will get chosen. I would rather choose a not-quite-perfect name in a true spirit of unity than pick the my-absolute-favorite name in a battle (as long as you truly don't feel pushed or forced to make such a decision, that's not true unity, that's just giving in).
    After saying all this, I do think Thomas is an excellent name. Thomas Russell sounds like a stand-up lad. I wouldn't consider it boring. In fact, even though I'm often not always fan of the timeless/classic/always-been-common names, there are a few that I really like a lot, and Thomas is one of them. And it does seem to fit with the kind of name you like. A lot of your choices have a similar feel to them (timeless/classic with an aire of nobility and strength), including Thomas. Edmund, Arthur and Henry would be my other favorites from your list (also like Lucas a lot, but not a big fan of Luke).
    Good luck!
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    I think Thomas is a wonderful name and Thomas Russell sounds wonderful. And you can pick a really wonderful middle name! How about Thomas Edmund Russell? Arthur and Gareth would also be great for middle names!
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