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    It is not too late. Please, if you feel like this now, then talk to your SO about it. This happened to me. My SO got fixated on one name and told everyone, they started calling bump this, i kept quiet until delivery suite where I said it wasn't what I wanted. SO didn't realise how strongly I felt and called baby by the name when she was born... again I kept quiet... relatives come in , calling baby by 'her name' despite us not discussing or announcing it.... again I felt shocked into silence. On day 2 at home, baby stopped breathing- my intention to bring up the name issue went out the window as it seemed irrelevant. Here we are 4 months later , after 2 months of tooing and froing, are changing her name. I would hate for anyone else to go through this , so if the name doesn't make your heart sing, speak up .

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    I just replied to this thread but it didn't work ... grrr

    To cut a long story short, speak up or you may end up in a situation like me and be changing your baby's name.
    It is not too late now. If your husband is concerned about family, so what? His concern should be for you- you are the mother and so come before them It is you who has to call this name hundreds of times a day- it needs to feel right for you.

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    It's definitely not too late to change your mind! I love the idea of the previous poster...pick out three names you both love and wait until he gets here to decide for sure.

    I love both Thomas and Edmund, both strong, classic names in my opinion.
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    the baby's not here yet, so of course you can change the name! it's unfortunate when people start putting pressure on you, it shouldn't be like that. you're naming a new person and if you feel like you made the wrong choice with Thomas, you have all the liberty to go and change your minds!

    i also wanted to mention i think it's quite common to have a "womb name" and then the actual name you end up giving him. a friend of mine referred to her baby as Theo(dore) during almost her entire pregnancy, and then two days before delivery they decided on Owen instead. Theodore just didn't feel right anymore.

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    If it does not feel right change it! How can it be too late, baby's not even born yet tell family you'll name him after you see him.
    If after all this time Thomas does not feel right then it's not the right name, you're his mum and should love to say his name countless times everyday. Maybe it's because you feel your husband chose it rather than you? In any case this was the perfect test run with all the family calling the bump that name for some time, so if it just does not sit right re-discuss the other viable options again with your husband. Can't go wrong with any of them, all lovely strong classics.
    Good luck !

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