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    Girls name for baby #6...opinions

    We have a boy name picked but are still debating our girl name. Tell me if you think this sib-set works!

    William "Avery"
    Ezra Lee
    Trevor Lewis
    Eden Evangeline
    Quentin James

    Rowen Josephine...???

    And then there's the issue with how to spell Rowen. I like Rowan since it's spelled like the Rowan tree, but this is typically the masculine spelling. Does that matter?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    I think Rowan is a typically masculine name, no matter how the name is spelt. If somebody said "Rowan" to me I would spell it Rowan and assume it was a boy. If you like Rowan, then spell it Rowan, where I am a lot of people would assume she was a boy anyway so it doesn't matter. I think Rowan fits since your other daughter also has a unisex name as well as your first son.
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    Eden is unisex??

    I don't really like Rowan for a girl.. I think it's a great boys name though!
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    I have a daughter named Rowen. She is 2 and it fits her perfectly. We get many compliments on her name. LOVE Josephine as a middle. Rowen and Eden seem like adorable sister names.

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    With all those boys' names, I think Rowan would just sound like another boy. I love Eden! How about these to go with Eden:


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