View Poll Results: Elena vs. Elaina (to honor Elaine) and is this name to similar to Delana?

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  • Elena

    11 64.71%
  • Elaina

    6 35.29%
  • Yes

    11 64.71%
  • No

    3 17.65%
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    Two questions: Elena vs. Elaina and is Delana too similar to Elena/Elaina?

    I know that Elena is the more accepted spelling and I agree that it is more aesthetically pleasing. However, we are trying to honor my DH's mother's middle name, which is Elaine, so we want it to have the 'lane' sound in the middle...full name would be Elena/Elaina Catherine V.

    Also, my brother's daughter's (my niece) name is Delana (Duh-lane-ah), so are these too similar?

    My DH is pretty set on this being the girl name we choose, but if you have any other suggestions please let me know!

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    oops, poll title should say 'too similar' not 'to similar'

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    I much prefer Elena, but for the pronunciation you want I would use Elaina. I do have to say, however, that I like the look of Elena Catherine more than Elaina Catherine.

    I do think that it's too similar to a cousin Delana.
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    Thanks Dindlee! Do you have any other suggestions? I can't seem to get DH off of Elena and he says he doesn't care that it sounds too similar, but I do care...Other names we like are:

    Violet Elaine (However, I fear it is too popular and our last name starts with a V)
    Catherine Elaine (Again, too popular and I hate the nicknames)
    Charlotte Elaine (too popular)

    I like Emilia too, but I'm pretty sure she would spend her life correcting people who think it's Amelia...

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

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    I prefer Elena, but to honor your MIL I would go with Elaina. I do think it is awfully similar to Delana -- it's almost the same name. If your hubby is really set on it, maybe you could use Elaina but call her Ellie?
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