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Thread: Bonnie?

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    I like Bonnie. I actually think Bonnie James is pretty awesome!
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    I love Bonnie; feels free, happy, nature-y. Love the name with Rowan and Colt; they're all subtle word names

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    If your husband doesn't go for the sweet and spunky Bonnie, maybe Bonita and even Bryony/Briony could be options if fuller names are required. Many parents are choosing nicknames for their children instead of the longer versions. I hope he likes Bonnie for its sentimental value for you.
    All the best,

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    I was excited to see this thread, as you may be able to tell by my name. I think it sounds like a great sister for Colt and Rowan!

    In Texas, where I grew up, I was always asked if Bonnie was short for Bonita for some reason. It isn't. I do know of a Bonnie who's name is actually Isabelle. My favorite of your list is Bonnie Josephine (Bonnie Jo)

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    I have known a few Bonnie's and they have all been wonderful people and made me think of smiles and happiness when I see this name, so I'm happy that someone else loves it too! If your husband doesn't like it at first, keep dropping it casually and maybe he will get used to it . Rowen, Colt, and Bonnie are a gorgeous sibset. I agree that Bonnie Jo sounds more pigtails than briefcase. Maybe try:

    Bonnie Danielle/Daniella
    Bonnie Petra
    Bonnie Johannah/Josephine
    Bonnie Arianna
    Bonnie Jane
    Bonnie Allison
    Bonnie Penelope
    Bonnie Delilah (I know this doesn't follow your requirements-- it just spoke to me!)
    Bonnie Eleanor

    And I love Bonnie Jameson. It's the right mix of cute-girly and strong-beauty. Fabulous choice. Good luck! x
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