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Thread: Bonnie?

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    Love the same Bonnie! I don't see it as childish at all, more retro dated but in a good way.
    Wouldn't go with Bonnie James/Jameson since they remind me of James Bond (may not be a problem for you just thought I would point it out).

    Bonnie Josephine- You could still call her Bonnie Jo.
    Bonnie Alena/Elena
    Bonnie Johannah
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    I'm crazy about Bonnie. It's solidly in my top 2 for a girl. It might actually be my #1. Bonnie is so sunny and sweet, and I actually think its "datedness" keeps it from feeling as lightweight as many other -ie ending names. In any event, datedness doesn't really bother me. I prefer to think of Bonnie as retro-spunky. (It's not that far outside the "hundred-year rule" anyway; In 1913, it was a top 200 name. By 1927, it was sharing the top 100 with names already experiencing a revival, like Hazel, Alice, Alma, Ruby, Charlotte, Clara...)

    Bonnie is great with your kids' names. For combos, and using your honoring names for inspiration, how about Bonnie Petra, Bonnie Josephine, Bonnie Danica, Bonnie Alaina, Bonnie Petronel, Bonnie James, Bonnie Alanis, Bonnie Alina, or Bonnie Dana. Peter means "stone," so you could also look at gem and mineral names.
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    I love the name Bonnie. I knew a Bonnie in high school who was really outgoing and popular. Everyone loved her.
    I think it especially works with Colt.
    I don't find it nicknamey. It's able to stand alone just fine in my opinion. And it still works on a grown woman - ie Bonnie Hunt.
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    I have always loved Bonnie! It is so sweet. It always reminds me of Gone with the wind.

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    I actually know someone who has a 10mth old Bonnie and it is adorable on her. Come to think of it her middle name was something like Josephine and i like the flow of it.

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