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Thread: Bonnie?

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    I am trying so hard to find a girl name that I love.

    My grandmother's name is Bonnie. I have (strongly) disliked her name all my like...until I was driving home yesterday and realized that I might love it instead of hate it! I KNOW my husband is going to have a bad first impression when I bring it up, but if I can bring him to think through to the second impression...I think it might be the name we have been searching for. I want to be fully prepared when I talk to him though.

    My biggest concern is that it isn't dated enough to be classy. It has a beautiful meaning, family sentiment and goes great with my naming convention. My other kids' names are Rowen and Colt. Rowen, Colt, Bonnie.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I've always liked Bonnie, to me, it brings up an image of a little pioneer girl. Gone With The Wind isn't too bad of a connection either. To me, it's one of the few names that end with an "ee" sound that doesn't sound too nicknamey or little girlish. I also thing Rowen, Colt, and Bonnie would be adorable together!
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    I like Bonnie, and, to me, it isn't too dated. However, that is probably only because we have a very young, alive, passionate Bonnie on my newspaper staff. I think the name works well!

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    I think that if you like it and it has personal meaning to you, then you should use it!

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    Honoring a grandparent is such a special thing to be able to do. I'd say to use it in either a first or middle spot. Personally, I feel it's a bit dated off-the-cuff, but who says your little girl can't bring it back?!

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