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    The case is different for each name.
    Felix- my sister used it. I wouldn't ask her because she'd tell me it was ok even if it wasn't. But Luke is 10 so I could totally ask him and use his opinion as the deciding factor.
    My SIL (who we are quite close to) used Joy and Elinor. They are family names from her husband's family. Neither of our families has a connection to them.
    William- the same SIL used William for her third. This is a family name in my family but not hers. It was my late father's middle name. It's probably too common to use as first name so we would probably only use it as a middle name.
    James- This is my grandfather's name. My mother has a cousin named after him and two of my cousins have used it for a middle name. (My grandfather is pretty awesome.)

    My husband is quite close to his two sisters but not his brother. The brother and his wife are using her maiden name as a middle name so we don't have to worry about that. Of course they used our favorite girls name for their first born. (d'oh!)

    I suppose it would depend on the people involved but is it easier to ask beforehand or to ask forgiveness afterwards?
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    I would just ask your siblings/cousins/in-laws etc and gauge their reactions. (Probably best done in person and sort of as a random remark in a conversation - unless you are seriously considering a name and then I would just straight out ask.)
    If they think it could be great or really don't care I'd say feel free.
    If they have any qualms or really dislike it I wouldn't do it, unless it's really the only name you can agree on and your kid is already a week old. (Well maybe that's very drastic, but you know what I mean). Your relationship with your family is too important to risk a riff over reusing a name - don't you think?
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