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    I think it's fine if the name is a relatively common one (as these are). I would, however, probably give the other child's parents a heads up beforehand.
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    There is nothing wrong with using your nieces' and nephews' middle names for your child, especially if they're family names. I've never understood why repeating names amongst cousins is such a big deal.

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    My middle name is my younger cousin's first name and it never once in over 50 years struck me as odd. We were both named for the same relative. In my husband's family, at least one boy in each of the family groups has the middle name William ( their grandfather's and great grandfather's name) but only the eldest of the boys has it as a first name. It just doesn't seem odd to reuse a family name within one generation.

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    I think it's fine if they're common names.

    My sister and our cousin share similar first names: Samuel and Samantha, and I think that's a bit too close for cousins, especially as my cousin is always called Sam, and my sister is called Sammy/Sam, so it's confusing when we're all together. Thankfully my cousins live in America, so we don't see them that often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    I think it depends on the family dynamics -- do your siblings care? Does one sibling care but not another? Do your parents care? Will it cause awkwardness, and do you care about that? Are you close, and do you see each other often?
    I do agree that it's as likely to ruffle the grandparents feathers as the parents. My MIL asked me once this very question if I'd ever use a niece or nephew's middle name. It seemed clear to me that she didn't approve. It was great that I could point out that I already had used my own sister's daughter middle name. I'm not letting my MIL tell me which names I can't use.
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