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    Using nieces' and nephews' middle names.

    My husband and I are both the youngest and as a result we have a lot of nieces and nephews.
    Obviously we can't/won't use names that have already been used as first names. (I have 6 month old niece with the only girl's name that we could agree on.)
    But can use names that have been used as middle names? Felix, Joy, Elinor, William and James are all names we might have considered that are now middle names of a sibling's child. Are they used up or are they still up for grabs?

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    I think it depends. How close are you? Do they ever go by their middle names? Will their last names be different? I think a lot of it depends on your feelings on the name and if you care/do the other namers care? My sister named my nephew Benjamin Alexzander almost three years ago but I don't think I would use the name Alessandra for a girls first name cause it it to close even though it would be in honor of my husbands mom. My sister and I aren't that close and I haven't even seen here since Benjamin was born ( she lives in a different state). I also don't care for my brother in law and would not want him to think in any way that my daughter is in any way named after his son.

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    I think fine you unless the child goes by that name.

    If we have a boy, we would reuse as a middle name one that has actually been used as a middle name in both of our families and as a first name for my husbands nephew. We have checked with siblings and they are fine with us using it in the middle.

    I wouldn't have a problem with any of our siblings using my daughters middle names as first names.

    One more related, my niece's name is Anna and I checked with my BIL and SIL when we were considering names that had that name within it (e.g. Susannah), and they were fine with that too (we didn't plan to nickname her anything like Anna). Funny we ended up using something else entirely and her nickname sounds kind of like Anna's brothers name (Eliza/Eli) and we didn't even realize it until we first got together and listened to the other kids saying them.

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    My 2nd daughter's first name is the same (though different spelling) as my niece's middle name. In this situation they were both named after my mom so that is different. However, my number one choice for a future daughter is Grace Elizabeth. Grace and Elizabeth are the middle names of my 2 other nieces (on my husband's side). A bit strange to admit but they are such traditional names that I can hardly let their family have an exclusive claim on those names. Also, I plan on playing a bit dumb as it's only my interest in names that led me to remember my nieces' middle names. I know for certain that my BILs could not tell me my children's middle names and I would have no problem if they used them as first names.
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