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  • Serafina Pepper Modesto

    3 11.11%
  • Serafina Madeline Modesto

    3 11.11%
  • Madeline Serafina Modesto

    7 25.93%
  • Aerin Serafina Modesto

    3 11.11%
  • Serafina Aerin Modesto

    2 7.41%
  • Serafina Emeline Modesto

    1 3.70%
  • Emeline Serafina Modesto

    6 22.22%
  • Serafina Isabel Modesto

    10 37.04%
  • Isabel Serafina Modesto

    8 29.63%
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    Poll: please pick the one you like best

    I am trying to figure out if these are two many syllables or not and if I really love Serafina or just the idea of it (which is why I don't know if it should be a mn or a fn)

    I know a one syllable would probably best but I don't like the flow of them.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

    Serafina Pepper Modesto

    Serafina MadelineModesto
    Madeline Serafina Modesto

    Aerin Serafina Modesto
    Serafina Aerin Modesto

    Serafina Emeline Modesto
    Emeline Serafina Modesto

    Serafina Isabel Modesto
    Isabel Serafina Modesto

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