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    Lightbulb Parker's little brother.

    We have been having such a hard time finding a name that fits us as a family for our new son.
    My first sons name is Parker, mostly because I love the name, but the fact that its associated with Spider-Man was a big push for it.

    So now I'm looking for something that sort of fits with the superhero theme, but also fits with Parker and is unusual without being super strange.

    We have pretty much given up on the superhero theme because we have gone through all the hero, sidekick, villain and random characters names lol!

    Our top choices at the present moment are Rylan and Fenton. But I don't feel that they for with Parker well enough.

    Any ideas?

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    So I guess Bruce, Wayne and Logan are out? How about Anthony (Ironman)?
    I think those 4 would all go well with Parker.
    How about Stanley (for Stan Lee)
    or Kent? Parker & Kent... I like that!
    If you're not concerned about the superhero connection, then you could go with a surname name like:
    Sawyer (this works really well with Parker imo)
    Check out the surname baby names list for more ideas:
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    If you want the superhero theme, I second lilysong's suggestion of Kent. It goes very well with Parker. Not a fan of Rylan and Fenton though.
    I googled comic book names since my knowledge stops at Batman. What about Remy (Gambit from xmen) or Lex?
    Due 2/2/15

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    javad Guest
    Clark (Clark Kent)
    Bruce (Bruce Wayne & Bruce Banner aka The Hulk)
    Xavier (Professor X of X-men)
    Scott (Scott Summers aka Cyclops of X-men)
    Henry (Henry Philip McCoy aka The Beast of X-men)
    Logan (Wolverine of X-men)
    Remy (Remy LeBeau aka Gambit of X-men)
    Steve (Steve Rogers aka Captain America)
    Clint (Clint Barton aka Hawkeye of the Avengers)

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    A friend just named her son (born 2 weeks ago) Xavier lol. I like remy, but the problem with the rest is that they are pretty much all main stream names. We are comic book junkies.. We were even getting into Pepper (iron mans GF) an Coulson-agent Coulson from avengers (which I love! But my hubby hates) I also really loved Grayson (robins real last name) but again my hubby shot me down lol! We are so not agreeing at all and it's getting harder and harder to find new names for either of us. I shoot his down and he shoots mine down.

    Its really looking like we will be going with Rylan, but even though we almost agree on it, I'm always on the lookout for THE name we will both fall in love with

    Also... Is there a quick way to find threads you've published or posted in? I'm on mobile and I have to scroll through all the threads to find mine again?
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