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    Question Honoring a Marjorie but not a Margaret

    My husband and I both have/had grandmothers named Margaret. Neither of them is someone we would want to name a baby after.

    We would like to name a baby after my other grandmother, Evelyn. This raises two problems. 1) My grandmother hates her name. 2) Evelyn has become to common for my comfort.

    My grandmother's late sister, Margy (Marjorie) was absolutely beloved by everyone. She is exactly the sort of person you name a baby after.

    So, I'm looking for an update or spin off of Marjorie that isn't Margaret. Or Meg(h)an. We already have a niece named Megan. Is that even possible?

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    When I think of the name Marjorie, it reminds me of marjoram, the herb. Marjorie was my grandmother's name, and she cooked a lot and was always feeding people, maybe that reinforces the association in my mind?? Anyways, I would choose another herb name to honour Marjorie.. for example:
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    I could only think of Marjorie and Margery (pronounced like Marjorie), but I assume Margery is not a option.
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    I love Rosemary (or Rosemarie) but my husband is adamant that he doesn't like flower names. My aunt was also always cooking and feeding people (her recipes that are still in use are part of why she's so fondly remembered) but I don't associate the name with the herb.

    Margery is all I could come up with, too. Usually I prefer the most traditional spelling possible but Margery looks so much like margarine to me.

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    What about honoring her through the meaning of the name, by using Pearl?

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