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    I typically don't like unisex or boy's names on girls but I absolutely love Rowan! I have only ever known girls with the name so I see it as no frill yet still feminine name. I picture a very strong woman that always carries herself like a lady.

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    Hmm, I'm still slightly confused on this one after reading all of the responses. I guess it is a personal choice. But sister name is Aubree which some people still view as a boy name (not myself personally!) but don't want to have two daughters in that category. I do love the nickname Ro!

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    I love Rowan on a boy but find it too masculine for a girl. I know one Rowan, and he's a male. Rowena is a nice suggestion--hauntingly beautiful.
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    I can picture Rowan as both a girl's and a boy's name. It's interesting how much we base our perception of a name's "gender" on whether we've encountered (mostly) boys or girls wearing it. Supports my opinion that a name becomes the child, and that concepts of masculine/feminine (sounds, in this case) are often fluid and socially constructed.

    Rowena is nice but a bit too...whimsical? in my opinion. I prefer Rowan. It's a great name.

    FYI: Around 700 girls and 1100 boys were given the name Rowan last year, so it's solidly unisex in practice/usage; also, it's rising for both sexes (albeit more slowly for boys).
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