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    Frankly, I find it totally unattractive on a girl. It's unisex but it's really manly for me

    Rowan looks better than Rowen

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    I love it for a girl! I can't picture it as a boys name at all!

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    I have a two year old daughter named Rowen. We get soooooo many compliments on her name. We had never heard the name before we picked it and to us it was completely feminine. We didn't discover til later that it was more often used on a boy! She wears it perfectly. Rowen is a sweet little girl with an incredible memory who loves to be outside, but enjoys wearing dresses. She is called "Ro-Ro" occasionally as a silly nickname, but I doubt that will stick around past her early childhood. I like the nickname on her as a toddler, but I don't think I would like it later...

    We chose "Rowen" over "Rowan" as we didn't want her name to be confused as "Ro-anne".

    We love her name!

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    I think its sweet for a girl. Honestly never occured to me it was a unisex and sounds so feminine to me. I have met 3 Rowans, age 6 months to 5 years, all girls. Can't help with the spelling. Neither looks more feminine to me, but Rowan seems a more intuitive spelling.

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    The proper spelling is Rowan.
    I'm obviously a fan.
    She does get a lot of boy confusion, but once corrected, people are all about it being on a girl.
    I like Rowena but the pronunciation is a bit of a problem. There is a main street in my city called Rowena and everyone pronounces it Row-ee-na, and I prefer Rowen-uh. So in the end, we went with Rowan. Couldn't be happier about it honestly. I love her name so much.
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