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    Thoughts on Rowen or Rowan for a girl...

    What do you think of Rowan for a girl? And is it Rowen or Rowan?? Thanks!

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    I think Rowan is slightly more feminine, although I prefer Rowen, and I like that name on a girl a lot. I think of it as a spunky kind of name, but would you consider Rowena nn Rowen/Rowan? It has the Harry Potter connections, which is one negative, but it would help avoid gender confusion for her.

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    As a student teacher I once spent two hours running around fixing paper work for a little Rowan (she'd be in 2nd grade now) who had gone into the system as a boy. It was a nightmare to fix. It never occurred to anyone that it wasn't a boy's name. I think Rowena nn Rowen accomplishes the same thing without dooming the girl to a lifetime of correcting people.

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    I don't like Rowan on a girl as its one of my favourite boy names, but I'll second the idea of Rowena with Rowa/en as a nn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hanniekitt View Post
    I don't like Rowan on a girl, but I'll second the idea of Rowena with Rowa/en as a nn.
    I third this.

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