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    Smile Middle name help, please!

    I'm sorry to those of you that have replied on so many of my other threads over the past months. I thank you so much! I still love Eleanor, Louisa, Cora, Violet and Miriam, but with the health of my dad (Charles), Charlotte has taken a forefront for me. I had previously thrown it out due to gaining popularity, but now we need to consider middle names for it. The middle names options so far are significant for family names or name meaning. What are your thoughts on the possibilities? Favorites and which are terrible?

    Charlotte Iris
    Charlotte Mae
    Charlotte Eloise
    Charlotte Louisa
    Charlotte Luna
    Charlotte Eva
    Charlotte Eda
    Charlotte Blythe
    Charlotte Felicity
    Charlotte Edith
    Charlotte Freya
    Charlotte Lucia
    Charlotte Lucille
    Charlotte Nora
    Charlotte Eden

    Thank you again, berries!!
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    Charlotte Iris and Charlotte Eloise are both beautiful.
    Charlotte - Louise - Violet - Francesca - Annabel - Grace - Claire - Vera - Winter 💕

    Alice - Jane - Lily - Vivienne - Melrose 🎀

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    They all work on some level, but some are a little more awkward than others; for instance, Charlotte Nora and Charlotte Blythe don't seem to fit together very well in my eyes. Not a huge fan of Charlotte Eva/Eda either. Eden might work but that one kinda depends on how it matches with your last name. Same goes for Felicity.

    Charlotte Eloise is fine. I like both names individually; they don't "sing" together but they don't clash either.

    I love the L-names: Charlotte Lucille/Louisa/Luna/Lucia. Charlotte Edith, Charlotte Iris, and Charlotte Freya are attractive, not-too-obvious combinations as well. Mae works with most anything but is a little filler, so I'd use that only as backup if you don't take to anything else.

    I'm sorry about your father's health!

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    I think they are all wonderful choices and yes some seem to flow of the lingua like champagne Charlotte Lucille/Louisa/Lucia. The only one I think that doesn't fit is Charlotte Blythe...maybe Blythe Charlotte. I don't know about that one. Blythe seems a bit old and stuffy and Charlotte seems so with it feels like its fighting w/itself. Just my 2 cents.

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    I feel like the mn should begin with L or R to pick up those sounds in Charlotte. So Lucille from your list is my fave.
    Would you consider:

    Charlotte Rose
    Charlotte Renee
    Charlotte Rae

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