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    Berries' favourites but not mine

    Even though I haven't been on nameberry a lot I sure have come across a lot of people that seem to like the same names and I just can't help but dislike them, here's a list of a few I can remember atm but I've seen a lot and I'm wondering if I'm the only that doesn't like them and if there's any others any of you feels I'm missing please mention them too

    I am in no way trying to talk bad about anyone that has picked these names for their kids, I'm sure you love them and saw something in them you loved even though I really can't

    Annabel and other spellings
    Rosemary and other spellings
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    Good for you? Do you want a cheer for announcing which names you dislike? If you're interested in discussing names, or learning what people like about them, fine. But you come off as super negative. Especially when the only other post of yours I've seen is telling people not to name their daughters Penelope. Why not discuss names you love or ones you've recently discovered? You're either a troll looking for some bites, or just a negative person, neither of which I care for. Welcome to Nameberry.
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    Take it down a notch, do you want a cheer for being super rude? And trust me, I really don't care for whatever you think either so we're on the same page

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    My troll senses are tingling. How can you tell someone else to "take it down a notch" when you are the one being rude and flippant towards everyone?
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    Please tell me in what part of that post I was rude to everyone when I said I didn't intend to talk bad about the names people have picked for their children because it's their decision and I completely respect it jeez

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