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    Lightbulb Regal European style double names: What do you think?

    What do you think of European double names? We all have heard of the Anne-Maries & Jean Pauls. These names are said together and usually stay together. Hyphen sometimes there, others not. Does the hyphen make the name too crowded? I'm curious about my combinations, what's your impressions?
    1. Anna Beatrix
    2. Amalia Josephina
    3. Evangelina Sofia
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    I think the hyphen helps keep the names together until it isn't needed because it is assumed that it should be said together. I don't know if your names work as double names, in my opinion because they have too many syllables and are more sophisticated names. John, Paul, & Anne are all one syllables and I think that makes it easier to pair them up as one ( even with the two syllable Marie)

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    I am not really a fan of double barrel first names. I agree with the above poster that the hyphen helps for clarity. In terms of your list, your options are lovely as a fn and mn, but are too many syllables for a double barrel fn IMHO.
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    I don't think I'd use it, but I generally like double names. From your list, I think Anna-Beatrix is lovely.

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    I'd use the hyphens for clarity's sake.

    In the US double barrel names are fairly common southern tradition. I suppose it depends on the names but if I see a double barrel name I assume the family has southern roots. In my experience the girls with double barrel names that actually use them (and not just the first one) when they get older max out at four syllables. Or they have nn that reflect both names (Emily Grace goes by EG or Emmy G for example).

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