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Thread: Nazarene

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    Thoughts? Impressions? Reactions? Experiences?

    Curious to hear Nameberry feedback. Hubby and I both are very intrigued by Nazarene. It has rocketed to the top of our list! To me, it has a vintage vibe without being overtly old-lady. And I love that it's an of-the-beaten-path Biblical name.

    Love to hear what you think!
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    I think it looks incomplete without "Church of the" in front of it, and since can be used as another name for Jesus and is basically the word for "Christian" in some languages, it's a little too weighty for me. I get less of a vintage vibe and more of an extreme religious vibe.

    I'm sorry; I wish I was being more positive. The other names in your siggie are so beautiful. I just don't feel like Nazarene fits in at all.
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    I like it... reminds me of Jesus.
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    I LOVE Nazarene, and have had it on my list for several months. My love for it began when I stumbled upon the name Mazarine on these forums and went crazy over that name for a while, then I realized one day that I mostly liked Mazarine because it sounds like Nazarene, so why not go with the real thing. I love that the name is a shout-out to Jesus' childhood hometown. But I would probably only ever use Nazarene as a middle name, whereas I would have no problem using Mazarine as a first name--I don't know why I feel differently about them like that. Something about Nazarene just doesn't quite feel namey enough to use as a first. I would love to meet someone else's child named Nazarene though. Or Nazareth.

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    I really like both. HOWEVER... in the Bible Jesus comes from Nazareth because it is a lowly place. In fact, in one place in the Bible someone comments "can any good come out of Nazareth?" so... I hate to ruin a beautiful name but better to know now then later.

    Having said all of that... I associate lowly with humble... so I WOULD use it as a middle name. But that's me.

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