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    Quote Originally Posted by davisellu View Post
    I like the idea of Serafina too. What don't you like about it? I like the suggestion of Alessandra-- a very pretty name.
    I'm not quite sure but it just didn't feel right when I started to use it in my head for her. Also, I was debating whether or not I like the nn of Sera. I am of the feeling that you can't pick nn's for them as someone will use the one you don't like so you should at least be ok with them. I had forgotten about Alessandra as it is also Italian but my nephew's name is Benjamin Alexzander so I though it was too close to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanie413 View Post
    I think Serafina would make a great choice. It sounds like it covers all the bases. And then perhaps choose a middle that is more your own style to pair it with. Though i'm not sure any of the options above would work as a middle with Serafina, they either make it a run-on, ex: Serafina Ava or have too many syllables, ex: Serafina Madeline.
    I would personally pair it with a 1 syllable middle. Perhaps a classic like Jane or a modern choice like Lux (the suggestion of Lake is good too).
    I agree too with the shorter middle especially since our last name is Modesto so it would be a mouthful though but I'm not thrilled with a lot of one syllable names.

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    Thanks everyone for your help so far! It gives me a lot to think about and maybe I should just learn to love Serafina since my husband also likes it too! My middle name is Ann and so is my sister in law's but just don't want to give my little girl such a weighty name.

    I'm starting to like Madeline Serafina Modesto as a name choice even though Madeline is more popular. Or should it be Serafina Madeline Modesto. Or are both just too many syllables...

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    cristinamariane Guest
    Sorry if someone else already said this.
    My thoughts: Lynn + Sandra = Lysandra.
    Also, Serafina is gorgeous.

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    Liane (prn lee-ann) or Shyanne (Cheyenne) or Shay or Suzanne. I see both of them represented in all of them.

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