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    Question Help me find a name to honor both our mothers ( both passed away from cancer)

    I need help coming up with a name to honor my mother and my mother-in-law who have both passed away. My mom is Shari Lynne and his mom is Sandra Ann. I don't particlularly want to use either name out right but have been struggling to find one I like that seems to fit.

    Some of the ones I have thought of or found to honor them would be:

    Charlotte - from a nameberry blog post, has the same starting sound as Shari but don't know if I would use it because my brother in laws ex has a niece named this ( she was born right after the divorce and I don't want him thinking of her when he sees/hears our kid) and his new sister in law just had a little girl named Charlie. My brother in law is my husbands twin and they are very close which is why this matters.

    Annalynne - smoosh of their middle names, husband doesn't like it and not sure if I really do either

    Serafina - starts w S and shares a lot of the same letters, is the Italian spelling (husband is Italian) and the meaning from cheribuam( sp?) angels is appealing. Also husband likes this one and I did too at first but didn't think it "fit"

    I am still trying to find my naming style as well. I think I like more of the classics but don't want anything too popular, though if I really love the name I would probably go with it. Here are some names that I'm currently liking for whatever reason:


    Thanks for any help and/or suggestions!!

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    First of all, what a lovely gesture and a nice way to memorialize a loved one. I'm sure they would both be thrilled!

    Be sure to consider their maiden names as well. Lots of last names can make lovely, modern first names, usually with only a small tweak.

    Looking at what you have right now, I would make the following suggestions: Ann could become Annie, Shari could become Sarah, or Sandra could become Alessandra and Lynne could become Lake.

    I think Alessandra Lake could be really beautiful. Good luck and I hope this helps you a little bit. Don't give up! We used family names for our son and we have never regretted it.

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    I really like Annalynne from your list. I've never heard of it but I love it.

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    I think Serafina would make a great choice. It sounds like it covers all the bases. And then perhaps choose a middle that is more your own style to pair it with. Though i'm not sure any of the options above would work as a middle with Serafina, they either make it a run-on, ex: Serafina Ava or have too many syllables, ex: Serafina Madeline.
    I would personally pair it with a 1 syllable middle. Perhaps a classic like Jane or a modern choice like Lux (the suggestion of Lake is good too).
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