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    I like Rev! Very cute! Rhett is a tough one. I think a nn for Rhett will just have to develop once you meet him. My DS is Bram (also essentially nickname-less) but we call him Brammie, Brammer, Bam Bam, B.B. and Brammie Muffin (this one I'm sure he will love when he is older). These nicknames were not pre planned or anything. I'm sure the same thing will happen with Rhett.

    Love Rhett btw. It's one of my top choices for a future boy.
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    This can become challenging.

    Personally, I have thought of Rhett, as a nickname for, Everett. Even though it is a stand alone name.

    Maybe you can call him Rev, as a pp suggested. ReM is another possibility.

    You can scramble the letters in his name to get a nickname:

    Or you can just let a nickname come naturally. How I call my nieces:
    One I occasionally call, Gizmo. It has absolutely nothing to do with her name.
    Another one I call ***Pie. Which takes part of her first name with the added word, pie.
    Another goes by the nickname of her middle name.
    Another goes by the name she was honored for.
    Another goes by the mispronunciation (caused by a close family member when they were younger) of her original letter nickname. i.e. (If her original nickname was E.J. -- I will call her E.Bae)
    Another goes by something I just put together--mostly in reference to her cheeks. or just Chip.munk.

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