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    Nicknames For Rhett

    I managed to sell the name Rhett Maverick to my husband which I'm pretty excited about. I wasn't really too sure about Rhett at first, it just reminds me of a guy in his 40s, not quite vintage but not new either. But paired with Maverick I think it is just really fresh and cute! But I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for nns for Rhett Maverick that lightens up the name Rhett a little. Thanks!

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    I know this is a tough one

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    Uhhhh Rhetty?
    I'm not sure what kind of nickname you'll find in 1 syllable name that is basically an isolate.
    I think a nickname you'd get from Rhett would be organic- you'd just have to let it happen. My brother, Brett, has a nickname and it's related to his name, but it isn't anything you could have dreamed up before it actually happened.
    Maybe there's a way to combine Rhett and Maverick? Rick? Tav? What about Everett Maverick "Rhett" instead?
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    I agree that it's tough to come up with a nickname for a 1 syllable name. Maybe using a different middle you could have R.J. or something, but Rhett just doesn't lend itself to anything. I do really like Rhett Maverick, though.
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    Rhetoric? Haha. Sorry, but Rhett is such a short name I think if you want something lighter you should wait until you meet him & choose a nickname that's more based on personality & appearance cause I can't think of any variation of Rhett Maverick. Maybe Rev?

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