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    Magnolia - Fresh and sweet. alternative to Margaret. Maggy works as a nn.
    Lillian - One of my favorite vintage names. Lillian is on my short list of great names. Light and yet substantial.
    Primrose - I can't warm up to this name. The prim in it bothers me as a it makes me think of someone prim and proper. It feels dark and mean to me.
    Cordelia - I like the formality of this name with its nn potential. But it sounds harsh to me.
    Margot?Margo?Margaux? - Great name. My favorite spelling is the straightforward Margo. It seems very spunky.
    Beatrice - this a wonderful vintage name. I like the soft ending sound and the nn Bea. To me it is light name with energy
    Gwyneth - This is my favorite variation of Gwen/Gwyn names and I like the Gw sound. This name would make my list as well. It is neither light nor dark.. Somewhat mysterious and maybe leftish.
    Calliope - I am not sure why, but I have never warmed up to this name. I feels shallow to me.
    Dorothea - This is a strong solid name and I think of a woman who is quite accomplished. Thea is a great nn.
    Eleanora - I prefer the Eleanor or Elinor. The a on the end seems superfluous. However, I find this a light, sweet name.
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    Magnolia like. Exotic but recognizable. I love the flowers, beautiful, stately, luxurious. i think sweet, well mannered, ivory and rose. My faveriot nn's are Nola and Gally.
    Lillian makes me think of an older business woman. Serious, formal, nms
    Primrose like but hard to imagine on a woman. I see a serious young girl, who wears dresses, has her hair tied in ribbons, daydreams and reads poetry. I see late summer golds and azure blues.
    Cordelia Ok. Don't like the nn cord/Cordy or Delia, Della is OK. I a see popular, slightly alternative teenager. Intelligent and opinionated, but beautiful. Long dark hair, tall, perhaps musical. I think deep blues, greens and purples.
    Margot?Margo?Margaux? Ok. I see Lilac, and pearls.
    Beatrice prefer Beatrix. Adore the nn Bea and Trixie. Happy, bright, a little reserved and shy among strangers. Rosy pinks.
    Gwyneth nms. I think pale, poised, serious. White.
    Calliope funny, bright, beachy, a swimmer. Sand and sun. Silver and gold.
    Dorothea. Nms. I think older woman, frilly, sweet, Lavender, embroidery, caramels. Prefer Theodora.
    Eleanora[/QUOTE] again I prefur Eleanor. I think reds and russets. A dancer, slender, smart, musical.

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    Um, I love them all?

    Magnolia- I love flower names and this unusual enough to be quirky without being confusing. Also, if she decided she wanted something more mainstream Maggie is nice option.
    Lillian- this my least favorite but it's only because I've known some unpleasant Lilian.
    Primrose- so pretty but I'd worry about the Hunger Games connotations
    Cordelia- Adore!
    Margot?Margo?Margaux?- I'd use Margo since it's the least likely to cause confusion
    Beatrice- People tend to swallow this name when they talk. I think Beatrix works better because people actually say the second syllable.
    Gwyneth- So linked to Paltrow. I'd use a different spelling or variant
    Calliope- So pretty but it also seems like the stylistic outlier.
    Dorothea- Pretty and has two solid nick names.
    Eleanora- Check your area. Eleanor/Ellie is oddly common on my local playground.

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    Magnolia: very pretty, with cute nn like Maggie and Noli and Mia. I think it's a great unusual flower name
    Lillian: I've always liked this name. Great way to get Lilly. It sounds delicate and feminine.
    Primrose: I agree with a previous poster - too Everdeen. It sound too fantasy-ish imo too.
    Cordelia: Really like this, though I've recently preferred Cornelia. But I like Cordelia for it's original formality, but with lighthearted nn Delia.
    Margot?Margo?Margaux?: I like this name, it's simple yet not overly common. I prefer Margot for spelling, because it is a happy medium of the normal Margo and the somewhat out there Margaux.
    Beatrice: Eh. This name has grown on me just from being on Nameberry, but I still don't love it. It still sounds kind of stuffy.
    Gwyneth: I think Paltrow, but I like Gwyneth Paltrow, so I guess it's a good association. Sounds a like stuffy, but otherwise very nice.
    Calliope: I love this!!!!! so refreshing and light and airy. Makes me think of someone really creative and bubbly.
    Dorothea: Sounds like a princess in a fairy tale, honestly. I prefer Dorothy. Although both sound a little dated.
    Eleanora: I really like this. It sounds like a fresh spin on Eleanor with cute nn Nora or Ellie. Very cute! Makes me think of a preppy girl who's very nice and liked by everyone.

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    Magnolia- spring, in particular, April, baby yellow, sweet, friendly
    Lillian- light green, spring (May), sweet, youthful
    Primrose- rosy pink, July, bitter sweet, but stuffy.
    Cordelia- navy blue, serious, but beautiful, winter, January
    Margo and all her variants- January, sweet, Margaux seems more grown up
    Beatrice- yellow-organe, September, sweet, the nickname Birdie seems more June and sweet, youthful
    Gwyneth- Green, April, serious
    Calliope- a periwinkle color, May, sweet, quirky
    Dorothea- blue, stuffy but sweet, winter, February
    Eleanora- rich red and green, burgundy, December, beautiful, elegant
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