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    Help, opinions on the following names please Berries ...

    They may same random in style- but they all have particular significance. Please can I have your opinion on the names, what you like, dislike about them and what they make you think of e.g light or dark ,sweet , happy or serious, colours etc

    Thanks in advance


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    nice list

    Magnolia- a daring name with a lot of plainer nickname options like Maggie or Molly. It feels southern. Can skew perky & cute or darker & sensual
    Lillian- Pretty, a little dusty, makes me think of victorian wall paper, cabbage roses, it does feel a bit boring like Claire or Grace, pretty, vintage, not uncommon
    Primrose- Too prim, too Everdeen
    Cordelia- I love this name. It feels a little stuffy but spunky at the same time.
    Margot?Margo?Margaux?- Love it. Margaux I dislike as it feels less down-to-earth. I love the sound though.
    Beatrice- I love this name. It's very uncommon vintage classic.
    Gwyneth- I am not at fan of -th endings they feel lispy & awkward to me. This is one of the prettier ones. Gwedolyn or Guenevere are nice
    Calliope- I love it. It feels so sparkly. I love just Calla as well.
    Dorothea- do you say it like Dorothy or Dora-thee-uh? I am not sure. I think it's ok. I really like Theodora
    Eleanora- Pretty, I really like Eleanore.

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    Magnolia- pretty and sweet, Southern belle-esque. it makes me think of the flowers, so colour: bright pink
    Cordelia- gorgeous, dramatic, powerful, strong. feminine but not flimsy. one of my favourites names. colour: deep blue
    Beatrice- elegant, grounded, proper. upper-class-British feel. colour: deep maroon or wine
    Calliope- spunky and fun, unique but totally wearable. colour: soft gold, pearl or off-white

    Primrose- floral, refreshing and unique. colour: light pink
    Margot- this is the only spelling that feels right to me. prim, proper, vintage-chic. makes me think of Anne Frank's sister. colour: amber, bronze, or russet
    Eleanora- nice, but I prefer Eleanor- the "a" seems superfluous here. colour: cinnamon

    Lillian- sweet and demure, warm and sunny. colour: bright yellow or orange
    Gwyneth- doesn't seem ver feminine to me. unusual but rather tied to Gwyneth Paltrow. colour: golden yellow
    Dorothea- a bit too stodgy and outdated for me, sorry. colour: light blue
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    cristinamariane Guest
    Magnolia - bright violet and soft pink, fun and bold
    Lillian - muted pink, loving, traditional
    Primrose - pastel purple, quirky
    Cordelia - peachy/rose colored, lady-like
    Margot?Margo?Margaux? - purple, moody
    Beatrice - yellow, fun but not spontaneous
    Gwyneth - pastel green, genuine, go-getter
    Calliope - pink, fun, carefree
    Dorothea - earth tones, serious but down to earth
    Eleanora - golden, mellow

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    Magnolia - I think of the tree: love, fidelity, sweetness, light bright pink, beauty and dignity.
    Lillian - soft yellow. A very mild name, and feminine without frills.
    Primrose - sweet, tender, cheerful and healing. A light sweet pink.
    Cordelia - purple, like lilacs. A bit depressing and dull, but beautiful.
    Margot - the orange of the autumn leaves. kind, sweet and spirited.
    Beatrice - dark velvety red. Very romantic and melancholy.
    Gwyneth - pale sea blue/green. Sweet, kind, healthy and generous.
    Calliope - light forest green. Musical, sweet and pretty.
    Dorothea - bright pink, like roses painted on porcelain.
    Eleanora - royal blue. a slightly bored name (not boring though), serious and above it all.
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