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    Vintage Beauties

    I'm looking for ideas to add to our list. We're looking for powerful, vintage names. We'd love to hear your suggestions. Thank you!
    Mom to two beautiful boys Milo Joseph and Caleb Edward with a girl on the way

    Magnolia Bowen Coralie | Luna Margaret Coralie | Poppy Susanna Lee | Flora Margot Caroline | Willa Bowen Coraline | Georgia Bowen Coraline | Elizabeth Cora Suellen "Bess"

    Leo Jacob Redmond | Dashiell Elias Peter | Madison Lee | Otto Philip | Oscar Gregory Todd | Bohan Lee Matteo | Beau Thomas Matteo

    Milo and Caleb (b. 5/2/12)

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    The only name that popped into my head was Iris, I think it suits your sons names and your other girls names.
    My brown eyed girl 2.22.2015

    Aurelia, Beatrice, Cosima, Farahilde, Ianthe, Juniper, Melisande, Juno, Lorelei, Soetkin, Vasilisa, Xanthippe

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    Willa is quite vintage and nice.

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    Hmmmm...what about

    Vintage feel that you do not really hear:
    Milo, Caleb and Georgia
    Milo, Caleb and Cybele
    Milo, Caleb and Hattie
    Milo, Caleb and Willow
    Milo, Caleb, Hazel
    Milo, Caleb, Clementine- it is popular but I love Clementine.
    Milo, Caleb, Clara
    Milo, Caleb, Amelia
    Milo, Caleb, Vita
    Milo, Caleb, Willa
    TTC #1
    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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    I saw Flora is one of your choices and I love Flora!! It is probably my fave name ever and I adore the nickname Florrie!
    Mom to Mhairi Elizabeth (March 19, 2010) & Fiona Lilidh (Dec 21, 2012) Edgar John Robert (Feb 28, 2014)

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