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    CAF with celebrity names and baby names (10 kids)

    LN: Lawrence, Pitt, Swift, Gordon-Levitt, Bullock, Renner, Vergara, Levine, Perry, Gosling, Aniston, Tatum, Underwood, Timberlake, Jolie, Affleck

    DH: FN: Benjamin "Ben", Justin, Bradley "Brad", Joseph, Adam, Jeremy, Ryan, Channing
    MN: Thomas, Randall, Leonard, Noah, Lee, William, Matthew
    DW: FN: Jennifer, Sofia, Carrie, Angelina, Katheryn "Katy", Sandra, Jennifer, Taylor
    MN: Marie, Joanna, Shrader, Elizabeth, Annette, Margarita, Alison

    DD: FN: Holiday, Violet, Elizabeth, Penna, Ava, Riley, Scout, Rainbow, Lula, Vaunne, Marnie, Lincoln, Sage, Paisley, Margaret "Mila"
    MN: Mae, Grace, Lavina, Laura, Margery, Berlin, Bell, Anne, Sydney, Aurora, Rosylea, Faye, Rose
    DS: FN: Aden, Camden, Leo, Tennessee, Logan, Edward, Gavin, Noah, Luca, Maxfield, Zane, Miller, Dean, Lorenzo, Finn
    MN: James, John, Cruz, Dominic, Duke, Davey, Shannon, Turner, Alexander, William, Lee, David, Phineas
    DS: FN: Weston, Liam, Kellen, Marshall, Milo, Tristan, Rex, Russell, Skyler, Emmett, Andrew, Robert, Colt, Moroccan, Jackson
    MN: Wallace, Nicolas, Harrison, Emmanual, Milos, Daniel, Thomas, Scott, Williams, Morrison, Clay, Wright, James, Ford, Lee
    DS: FN: Theodore, Hudson, Tatum, Gideon, Patrick, Alexander, Kieran, Elijah, Lydon, Axel, Daniel, Crawford, Levi, Ever, Sawyer
    MN: Steven, Edward, Marion, Imre, Dylan, Nicholas, James, Issam, Christopher, Lee, Ryan, Thomas, Scott, David, Hayes
    DS/DD: FN: Rhys, Tobin, Beckett, Dexter, Hayes, Jasper, Mason, Isaiah, Journey, Eli, Sebastian, Charlie, Kayden, Jesse, Asher // Cheyenne, Hannah, Georgia, Megan, Sarah, Tabitha, Louisianna, Ella, Luna, Charlotte, Luciana, Avery, Charlene, Harper, Phoebe
    MN: Lloyd, Axel, Logan, Jett, Jameson, Liam, Thomas, Warren, Timothy, Bobby, Edward, Jack, Dash, Nicholas // Hope, Margaret, Marie, Willow, Brianna, Bella, Betsi, Hodge, Grace, Ray, Kathryn, Genevieve, Riva, Sloan
    DD: FN: Stella, Olivia, Jasmine, Chloe, Kadence, Willow, Clementine, Tallulah, Vivienne, Maddie, Sadie, Rain, Isabella, Emery, Jade
    MN: Katherine, Clover, Sophia, Hope, Luna, Briann, Beatrice, Jane, Ruth, Marie, India, Marcheline, Ava, Innes, Monroe
    DD: FN: Josselyn, Lucy, Zoe, Ruby, Sienna, June, Miley, Maeve, Alexis, Arizona, Francesca, Heaven, Angel, Lily, Lauren
    MN: Jolie, Iris, Aster, Rain, Nora, Star, Frances, Elaine, Justine, Olivia, Megan, Katherine, Elizabeth, Sydney, Grace
    DD/DS: FN: Avalon, Paige, Ruby, Scarlett, Nicole, Sloane, Fiona, Bluebell, Maggie, Audrey, Shiloh, Rhiannon, Skye, Daisy, Gabriella // Dylan, Ethan, Jayden, Ace, Barron, Valentine, Zander, Callum, Miles, Samuel, Quinn, Henry, Colin, Tennyson, Leland
    MN: Rose, Bella, Cricket, Beverly, Nouvel, Mae, Ann, Sullivan, Teresa, Elizabeth, Sweetheart, Leone, True, Eve, Madonna // Xavier, Michael, Page, William, Kelly, Wyatt, Francis, Anthony, Shane, Chance, James, Paul, Spencer, Ryan, Lyon

    All names for DH and DW came from here
    I used what they go by for the FN and the other name as a middle, even if it's not really their middle. With the exception of one guy and one girl.
    I got all the names for the children from here getting names for each year.
    Please don't change the spellings, otherwise it ruins the fun a bit.
    Also, I repeated some middle names, or a middle name got repeated and was a first name, but I made sure never to repeat first names, even though it was kind of difficult.

    EDIT: Feel free to mix and match LNs with first and middle names...unless of course you want DH to be that celebrity, then by all means, keep his whole name
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