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    Baby Name Game: Last Letters First

    I love the games that we all work together to create. With this game one person says a name: Rose Olivia and the next person takes the last letter of the first to create the next first name and the last letter of the middle to create the next middle name.
    Rose Olivia could become Esme Anne
    Bennett Rhys could become Tobias Scott

    Then the next person will use n E first and an E last to make a female name Evelyn Elizabeth and an S for the first and a T for the middle to make a boys name Sebastian Tate.

    I'll start:
    Amelia Helene & Walter Francis

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    erinn amelia
    a 23-year-old namenerd dreaming of:
    Kenna Louise • Thea Grace • Laurel Josephine
    Oliver Milo
    I apologize if I repost on the Baby Name Games board. If I do, it means someone overwrote my post. Please refresh before posting!

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