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    Imogen Cordelia Story

    I was browsing the forums (here's a link to the thread:, and I fell in love with the name Imogen Cordelia Story. *sighs in delight* The only problem I have with this name is Story- on its own, I really don't like it as a name. Do you think it is a problem if you really don't like one name in a combo but adore the combo? I like some word names, and I don't mind them usually. So I tried attaching another word name I like: Wren. Imogen Cordelia Wren. But it just doen't sound quite right! What's your opinion? I think the combo needs an unusual word name to complete it, but which one?
    Imogen Cordelia Rowan
    Imogen Cordelia Day
    Imogen Cordelia Sonnet
    are a couple I was thinking of. Suggestions and opinions would be great!
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    So you're considering two middle names? Interesting.

    Personally, I prefer it switched around to Cordelia Imogen, but Imogen Cordelia is nice too.

    I'm not very good at coming up with word names, but some suggestions:

    Imogen Cordelia Sky/Skye
    Imogen Cordelia Snow
    Imogen Cordelia Fall
    Imogen Cordelia Rose (of course)
    Imogen Cordelia Lux
    Imogen Cordelia Ray/Rae
    Imogen Cordelia Faye
    Imogen Cordelia Gray/Grey
    Imogen Cordelia May/Mae
    Imogen Cordelia Rain
    Imogen Cordelia Leif/Leaf
    Imogen Cordelia Lane
    Imogen Cordelia Rue
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    Oh my goodness, Imogen Cordelia Story IS stunning! (I looked at the thread you linked) Imogen Cordelia Sonnet is so gorgeous also. They pretty much epitomize the perfect name for me- Imogen is so quintessentially British and I'm such an anglophile; Cordelia, Story and Sonnet appeal to my literary side, haha. Cordelia, as you can see from my signature, is one of my favourite names. Day and Rowan are nice but not quite as magical.

    You can tell I'm more than a little excited... oh goodness *blush*
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