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Thread: Iris?

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    There's a 3 year old Iris in my family. Shes a beautiful little munchkin. I would think more hipster than old lady.

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    I have an Iris. I LOVE it. You will find you don't need a nickname - it's so easy to say.

    Remember the Ancient Greek connections too - she is the goddess of the rainbow. There's something strong yet floral about the name (strong I think because Iris somewhat recalls iron thought that might be stretching it!)

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    Not old ladyish at all! I love the name
    Similar names that you might like:

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    Iris is a fantastic name. It is one of my favorites.
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    We picked Iris for our daughter 2 years ago! We liked the mythological, nature and eye connections as well as the Goo goo Dolls song Had lots of good responses, but everyone always mentions it is a strong name. Her middle is Ophelia. She get's called Irie, or Irie-pirie (not sure where that came from) or Ish (from what she called herself which matched what she called her brother ('Osh') when she started talking). I was worried about nicknames but they often develop on their own later

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