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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    I don't think Wren is too plain a bird. Aphrodite Illyria Wren is pretty and keeps the combination from getting too long, as having three (lovely) multisyllabic middles would.

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    Oh how exciting! Happy to see you went with Aphrodite. Emma's poem was so sweet!

    I think you have some wonderful combo's. In case you want another suggestion, how about Aphrodite Illyria Rose?
    Rose is one of Aphrodite's favorite flowers, connects to Rosalind and fits the boyfriends request for a normal name. Seems fitting, but perhaps it might be too filler for you.

    Keeping this short & sweet as you have many other responses to read! Good luck dear.

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    Just wanted to pop in and say that Aphrodite seems perfect, I'm glad both you and her are happy about it. And I'm sure whichever middles you choose, it will be a stunning combination.
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    I have had a smile on my face literally all day thinking about you and a little Aphrodite.

    Aphrodite Illyria Wren is my favorite combination of middles I think. Are you 100% ok with re-using the Illyria part of the name? I know almost everyone on here is a fan of that one, but just want to make sure that it doesn't make you uncomfortable at all. (Tabitha Wren is pretty too, and maybe has an even better syllable flow, but Tabitha is just not as watery to me). This might be my sentimentality but either way, how cool is it for her to have your A initial and also a W inital in her name? Perfection! Also you would be the best judge of it of course, but does 4-4-1-1 sound ok with the last name? I know that Aphrodite might seem a bit long, but if you threw a 2 syllable name in there it wouldn't be overwhelming in my opinion. If these are the final choices then please forgive my ramblings, I'm up late but if you have any others to add to a short list of middles then I think something like Aphrodite Tabitha Willow or Aphrodite Illyria Maris is really great. I'm also really falling for the pp suggestion of Rose as a second mn, so I'm curious to see your opinion on that one even though I just questioned ending with a 1 syllable name lol. =]
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    I love the name Wren, but i agree with Emma, it seems too humble for Aphrodite.
    Perhaps Aphrodite Illyria Lark?

    And i know i keep suggesting it, but how about Aphrodite Illyria Daphne or Aphrodite Daphne Illyria?

    Tabitha is lovely but its a terracotta colour to me!
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