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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Oh my goodness Emma! That's just beautiful. My boyfriend and I love it and I got all teary eyed when I read it this morning. I was going to reply immediately, but I've been out with two of my goddaughters all day. It's so lovely, I am going to write it down for her baby book, and the other one I am going to paint on the wall between the unicorn and faeries. Obviously, after this little poem we're going with Aphrodite. Thank you so much my darling! From the both of us.

    These are the three we've come up with this far. Boyfriend really want a normal name in there (like Tabitha). Opinions and suggestions?
    Aphrodite Illyria Wren
    Aphrodite Tabitha Wren
    Aphrodite Illyria Tabitha Wren
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    Aphrodite Illyria Wren is gorgeous! She's a lucky little lady to have a mum with such creativity. I wish you both all the best.

    Other one-syllable second-middle thoughts:
    Aphrodite Illyria Pearl
    Aphrodite Illyria Tess
    Aphrodite Illyria Niamh
    Aphrodite Illyria Snow
    Aphrodite Illyria Faye

    Aphrodite Illyria Lark
    Aphrodite Illyria Dove
    Aphrodite Illyria Maude
    Aphrodite Illyria Sage
    Aphrodite Illyria Blythe

    Or first middle thoughts:
    Aphrodite Beatrice Wren
    Aphrodite Felicia Wren
    Aphrodite Cliona Wren
    Aphrodite Isolda Wren
    Aphrodite Aurora Wren (too R-heavy, though?)
    Aphrodite Elisa Wren
    Aphrodite Roselda Wren
    Aphrodite Callista Wren
    Aphrodite Verona Wren
    Aphrodite Evanna Wren
    Aphrodite Vivia Wren
    Aphrodite Sophronia Wren
    Aphrodite Aella Wren (Aella means "whirlwind" in Greek- sounds fitting for Roo!)
    Aphrodite Morgana Wren
    Aphrodite Nephele Wren

    I put my favorites for you in bold.
    BTW- Emma, that poem is so sweet! I love it.
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    "Aphrodite Aphrodite
    Sleeping in your white lace nighty
    Snowflake-delicate but mighty
    Aren't you happy Mama's flighty?
    But for that you'd be a Beatrice
    Or Diana like the huntress
    Theodora ancient empress
    Cleopatra the seductress
    Niniane the enchantress
    Rosalind the duke's fair daughter
    Always loyal. But your laughter
    Had a wildness, had a blueness
    Aphrodite? Something to this
    Shining, joyful, seafoam name
    Aphrodite free of shame
    Blessings on your scallop shell
    Little Roo I wish you well."

    Coming out of lurkdom on this thread to tell Emmabobemma that this is AMAZING. AMAZING.

    Otillie, my personal name style is very different than yours and I never thought I would say this to anyone, but Oh, I PRAY that you do call little Roo "Aphrodite." How could she be anything but, now?
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    I took an extended break from NB for finals and moving across the country and the first thing (well, ok, third thing) I stumble across when I log back in is this! I realize I am very late to the party, but I can't resist throwing in my two cents:

    Wow. So much drama. Roo is lucky to have a mama who puts so much thought into her name!

    And Emma, that was absolutely fantastic! Love the "blessings on your scallop shell." You're very talented. (Also, next time I feel indecisive about something I'm going to write a poem about each option.)

    Otter, can I just say Aphrodite is gorgeous and seems to be perfect, and when Roo asks you why you chose her name, you are going to have the best story to tell her!

    Of your combos, Aphrodite Illyria Wren is the clear winner for me. I love how Wren balances out the melodic sing-songyness of Aphrodite and Illyria.
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    my vote of the ones you listed is definitely Aphrodite Illyria Wren! Love it.

    but I also adore Willow, so....

    Aphrodite Willow Illyria (willow is pretty normal these days)


    Aphrodite Illyria Willow

    I beg of you, don't drop Illyria- it is SOOOOO perfect
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