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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    I don't personally think the pop-culture (or whatever) uses of Pandora are really all that prominent. If anything, it implies that people are associating her myth w/curiosity and discovery more and more. Still my favorite

    I don't see why Alcyone and Circe wouldn't work as sisters

    Still Love Aphrodite as a second choice! Aphrodite Wren Illyria would be a nice combo, I think
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    My top would be Alcyone. Aphrodite is a bit too "sex goddess" to me. Have you also considered Firoozeh? It's a Persian name meaning 'turquoise'.
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    Vacation was wonderful! Spent time with my family who all live on the other side of the country, got to see my brother's graduation, went to the was beautiful

    Ooh a top three! So exciting...

    Alcyone: why are Circe and Alcyone mutually exclusive? Is it just the similarity in sounds or am I missing something?

    Aphrodite: I rather feel that if you name your daughter Aphrodite, you can get away with naming her siblings whatever the heck you want...with the exception of staid traditional choices such as William and Jane, of course! Endymion, Tiberius, Faramir, and Lucian or Belphoebe, Cordelia, Nimue, and Forsythia are the first ideas to come to mind.

    Pandora: I don't think your feelings are ever silly. I think it's important to pay attention to them Are you having second thoughts about how you feel about the name, or are you just concerned about how people will perceive it? I think some people will be put off Pandora because of their associations with the name...but I think that is true for Aphrodite as well, and Alcyone will be difficult to pronounce, and so on. Every name has its drawbacks as well as its own unique and scintillating brilliance. The important thing is how much you love the name and how well you think it fits your child. If you and your family love the name, associations will not matter one bit.

    So looking forward to Roo's opinion on the matter! :P
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    1) I'm with Sheesh on the Alcyone/Circe front. I don't necessarily think they are mutually exclusive. If they are too similar in sound for fn's Circe would make a great mn. (Also Alcyone is my favorite on your current list so I might be a bit biased).

    2) I agree this one is a hard. If I had a daughter named Aphrodite I'd be very tempted/feel pressed to find names that carry equally weighty in the meaning department. I'd find it hard to match "goddess of love" with something that would make other kids feel equally loved and special.

    3) I don't think it's silly that the pop-cultre references for Pandora are turning you off the name a bit. It definitely happens to many of us. I mean we've all read (and in my case maybe wrote) the "my favorites are becoming to popular and now I'm falling out of love" posts.

    I love the idea of letting Roo choose her own name. If there is a name she lights up to regardless of weather you, your BF or the post-man say it then I think that's her name. I can't imagine her not loving it and it's such a great story for her to have had a hand in choosing her own name. Let's face it Alcyone, Aphrodite and Pandora are all beautiful - though Alcyone the most. (I am totally not petitioning here, at all.)
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    Gotta run, but briefly:

    Aphrodite and Zenobia
    Aphrodite and Belphoebe
    Aphrodite and Ceridwen
    Aphrodite and Circe and Hespera etc etc etc.

    Aphrodite is the new black.

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