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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Alcyone: rules out Circe for possible future daughter.

    Aphrodite: what on earth do you name a sibling for Aphrodite?

    Pandora: apparently used more in pop culture and the jewellery world than I was aware of. Is it silly of me to be a little put off by that?
    #1. I am biased because I like Alcyone way better, but I still don't think it would ever rule out using Circe as a future middle name.

    #2. Endymion of course! =]

    #3. It's not silly, and it's good that you've become aware of the references Before choosing this so you can see to what extent it bothers you.

    PS: I can't wait can't wait can't wait to hear what Roo's happy-name is! <3
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    To me Aphrodite fits Roo's spirit description perfectly... I see predominantly oceanic colours... Just like the Botticelli Birth of Venus painting... turquoise and blues and greens with hints of gold and subtle pinks! I love how roo springs so intuitively from the Aphrodite.... and Dita is too cute Its a bold choice yet familiar to people and its elegantly sensual, whimsical and beautiful! Combos which jump to mind:
    Aphrodite Willow Delphine
    Aphrodite Roxana Peridot
    Aphrodite Ophelia Laurel
    Aphrodite Emerald Ophelia

    Having said all this I think suggestion Pandora Amethyst Willow is divine too! I love Pandora too!

    Such gorgeous choices...what a tough and fun decision!
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    I was at a toy store today and found this lovely collection of stuffed mermaids (apparently they're all the rage...who would of thought) and their names all reminded me of names you would love. So, I guess I just wanted to share them even though you have a top 3 now and suggestions might be overkill. Still love Alcyone by the way.


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    9,656 has some interesting and doable suggestions for future siblings of Aphrodite, I suggest you try it out.

    I also looked up the painting birth of Venus by Botticelli and it was interesting to see her standing on a seashell coming out of the ocean.

    Are the names Venus and Aphrodite interchangeable in mythical history? I don't know. I have no knowledge of Greek mythology except to say that my two granddaughters are named Chloe (a green shoot) and Xanthe (fair haired).


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    good good otter.or should i say kanga although i suspect you are not a kangaroo.i will be waiting for the name unveiling with some imaginary balloons and an invisible slice of coffee cake.

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