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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Thanks ladies!

    Here are my worries about each name:

    Alcyone: rules out Circe for possible future daughter. Circe is one I'd love love love to use someday.

    Aphrodite: what on earth do you name a sibling for Aphrodite? Do I need to name them Isis, Persephone, Odin and Zeus? Or can I go with lesser known deities such as above mentioned Circe & Hecate, and heroes like Perseus?

    Pandora: apparently used more in pop culture and the jewellery world than I was aware of. Is it silly of me to be a little put off by that?

    I will reveal the name she's "chosen" later, don't want people to be biased
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    Alcyone: This has become my favorite of your top 3. Do you like Circe or Alcyone better? If you really really want to use Circe someday, why not now? Would you rather use Circe and not use Alcyone in the future or use Alcyone and not use Circe in the future? I prefer Alcyone to Circe myself (though admittedly that probably has a lot to do with Cersei Lannister (from the Song of Fire and Ice series), gives Cersei a bit of an evil vibe to my ear). Even if it does cut out your ability to use Circe later, you have so many great names to pick from I'm sure you'd find your perfect name nonetheless.

    Aphrodite: That is a good question. A future sibling name could be a bit difficult if you truly wanted to find a name to make a good, mythological-related sib-set. However, I don't always think 'matching' names are completely necessary. I think having some sort of subtle connection between the names is a nice way to do it too, where they may have a different feel/background/etc but have some underlying 'something' that connects them together. However, Aphrodite does seem to be a 'heavier' mythological figure than most, a name that everyone has heard (and everyone will probably know at least a little bit about her mythological story--- whereas many people probably won't know the story of Alcyone, which I think helps make Alcyone a better name IMO). That being said, Persephone and Odin are kind of a cool potential sibling names (though there are large parts of Persephone's story that wouldn't be wonderful as attachments to a name). And all that being said, if by choosing Aphrodite you, in the future, restrain yourself to the possibility of only using mythological related names, I also feel like your limiting some of the creative process for your future kids names. With a name like Alcyone I feel like you could choose a mythological name later or not, more easily (since it's not such a 'heavy' mythological name).

    Pandora: I don't think it's completely silly to be put off by lots of pop culture references. I think pop culture stuff is just another one of those things that ends up getting attached to certain names (like the mythology of modern consumerism or something). I think it's natural that that would influence perception in some ways. However, I think it would be a shame if you choose to not go with a name only because of this reason. I think it's good to be aware of all the various perceptions/associations a name evokes, and if any of them weigh heavy in your mind it's good to reflect more deeply (if a relatively subtle pop-culture reference weighs super heavy in your mind (like the internet radio station or jewelry stuff), maybe it'd even be a sign that you hold some underlying doubt about the name?). All this being said, with a name like Pandora, I don't think the more modern, relatively small, pop-culture references are really such a big deal, since the 'biggest' association will probably always remain the story of Pandora's Box. This association overshadows the others IMO.

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    I've been lurking on your thread for a few days and am sorry to hear this process has been so difficult. Rosalind Illyria Beatrice was a beautiful, beautiful choice, but if you're thinking sea-blue-and-green and wind in the willows when you look at your baby, then I can see how you feel Rosalind doesn't fit.

    Of your final three, Alcyone is by far my favorite. It gives me the feeling you seem to be looking for--free, happy, green-and-blue, wind- and surf-blown. Since you see Aphrodite and Pandora similarly, I can superimpose a similar image on them, but I have to work past Aphrodite's pinkness and Pandora's purpleness. With Alcyone, I don't have to try. It would be tough saying goodbye to Circe, since you've loved her a long time, but personally I like Alcyone much more.

    Anyway, best wishes, and I too am eager to hear your new choice.
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    I'm not sure about Aphrodite... everyone has heard of her so when they hear what roo's name they will probably say 'what like the goddess'? It's too well known i think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    Edit: Also, I forgot to suggest Fairuza, because I was distracted with Rohana.
    I can't believe I missed this before. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fairuza. And I hate my stupid silent-Z last name.

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