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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Aaah I have had a bit of a break from NB [couldn't cope with all the changes] and when I come back all the drama seems to have happened. I'm a bit boggled to add any suggestions but good luck and I prefer Callisto off your list. One thing I will add though is...will she still be called Roo as I absoluetely ADORE that nn and I am used to saying to my mum etc. oh Ottilie has done/said know- Roo's mother. Hope you find something soon and try not to get too stressed over it.

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    Your description of her spirit makes me think of Raewyn. I couldn't tell you the origine, but I met a woman by this name in university, and you just described how I remember her perfectly.
    Also for your shortlist, have you tried them out with her? Does she respond to any of them differently than the others?
    I wouldn't worry about changing your child's name. It's still pretty early. My parents did the same with my sister's name, and it worked out well. I wish you all the best.

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    Wow, your list has really evolved! Such lovely choices. I think your top names are now Aphrodite, Alcyone, Venus, Pandora, and possibly Calypso and Callisto?

    My top choice of these (and really of all you've considered) is definitely Alcyone. It really perfectly reflects the spirit you described in your original post and it just dances so joyfully on the tongue. I know you're not

    I'm not sure how I feel about Aphrodite/Venus. Venus is quite serene to me - very opalescent sea foam green to me. However, I don't like the way the name feels in my mouth nearly as much as Alcyone. Aphrodite is ridiculously gorgeous, but to me she's all pink and raspberry - not blue and green at all. That's just me though!

    I think Amy hit the nail on the head with Calypso, but I do very much like the suggestion of Callisto. In fact, I think she's just a tiny notch below Alcyone in my rankings and could be on the rise. I'm not going to be any help with Pandora, as I use daily to listen to music at my office and the name has thus sadly been a bit tainted for me. I hate so much when that happens!

    In sum, my humble vote is for Alcyone or Callisto.
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    I can't imagine Aphrodite on a kid. The name just screams "SEX!" to me, and it feels more pink and red than blue. I love Alcyone and Callisto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Lex; my first thoughts on nicknames were Aphra and Dita!
    I'm glad your brilliant brain came up with some better nn's than I did. However, Afro is totally growing on me. <wink>
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