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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Ottilie I cannot get Tabitha Wren out of my head, such a stunning combo. I've never considered Tabitha before but with Wren its brought to life, if you don't use it I may steal it ( not for a good few years yet though). Seriously gorgeous!!

    Still think Pandora Tabitha Wren is the best of your combos.
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    I like Calypso quite a bit (some of the sound-similars are nice too-- Callista, Calixta, (sp?) etc). It has a nice sound quality to it.
    Alcyone is nice too. I think that could definitely work for you.
    Aphrodite I'm not a fan of. Venus isn't my favorite either, but it feels a bit more down-to-earth then Aphrodite to me. Aphrodite feels a bit too much like an in-your-face beauty name to me, a beauty who flaunts it.
    After letting it settle a bit, I think my original expression of Pandora has changed a bit. I like it more than previously expressed.
    And whatever name you choose, don't let Illyria slip away! That's possibly my favorite of all the various names in the mix.
    I wish I had some more suggestions to give you, but I feel like any name I could suggest that you would like has probably already been on your radar at some point.
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    From all of your new names, I love Calypso the most. I think it's okay for you to use it.

    And btw, am I the only one who 'see' Aphrodite and Venus with different colours? I know it's the same goddess, but.. for me, Aphrodite is blue/green as I identified her with her birth from the sea. Venus is golden/orange/reddish to me. Maybe it sounds weird. I do love mythology, but with Venus I always thought about the planet first rather than the roman goddess.

    Sorry for being no help. I wish you find the perfect name soon and, hopefully, keep the Illyria part. Unlike Rosalind, it's the name you love from the beginning, isn't it?!
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    What about Ruby?

    Or Rowena?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I know I'm usually a proponent of nn's not having to have to fit the actual name but man, I do find Aphrodite to be a conundrum on this front. I mean, Aphro/Afro? Adite? Apro? lol.
    Aphra or Aphy would be what I'd use.

    When I say Aphrodite in a rush it comes out as 'aff-ruh-dyt-ee' anyway.

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