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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    I am loving the suggestions of Calypso. Since she is a friend of a friend and her child is older I would use it. If she were your friend and the child was a baby I would say no way.
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    I prefer Aphrodite over Venus as well. It's gorgeous but besides Roe (which I guess could also be Roo), I'm finding it really hard to come up with other cute/wearable nn's. I know I'm usually a proponent of nn's not having to have to fit the actual name but man, I do find Aphrodite to be a conundrum on this front. I mean, Aphro/Afro? Adite? Apro? lol.

    From Venus, Aphrodite and Calypso I think Calypso is the most wearable. (I still like Alcyone better - it feels more you).
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    Oh Aphrodite! How stunning are thee? I vastly prefer Aphrodite to Venus. Aphrodite feels much more airy and whimsical, to me, than Venus. Plus, as a previous poster mentioned, it has "Roo". Aphrodite Illyria Pearl is breathtakingly beautiful. Definitely second @emmabobemma's gorgeous suggestion.

    I think using Calypso could be potentially awkward when you run into your acquaintance. I think it would be different if Calypso was a very popular name, but it's not. I personally wouldn't use it for that reason alone.

    I think you have some terrific options. Alcyone, Aphrodite and Pandora are my personal favorites. Good luck to you both!

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    Of course I love Aphrodite! Although I wouldn't be sad if you went with Cytherea or Zerynthia instead

    I think I still prefer Pandora and esp the nn Pandaroo
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    It's a beautiful name, rolls off the tongue well, and the mythological Aphrodite is well-enough known that people will be able to pronounce the name. That being said, it's kept a more scholarly and quirky vibe than Roman counterpart Venus. And 'roo' is tucked away inside.

    I agree with all of this. I vastly prefer Aphrodite to Venus. I think it's sound and it's color and the imagery that I get from her is just perfect. I think the syllable count and the perfectly Greek ending bring with them a more "feminine" description and hold back on some of the the "sexy" while still keeping beauty prevalent. And I also think that Blade's point about the nn is extremely valid. Aphrodite lends itself so wonderfully to Roo, even more than Pandora or Rosmerta do, in my opinion. I am completely on board with this one, though I am still not quite sure whether I like Aphrodite or Alcyone for you more. I do wish you and Will the absolute best of luck over the next few days/weeks while you're trying out all of these lovely options and making final decisions about gorgeous baby Roo's name! <3

    Also on the subject of Calypso: Yes, it is a very pretty name. No, I don't think it's too weird/rude for you to use, especially considering that you almost never talk to these aquaintences. However, I also do not think that you should use it. Correct me if I'm totally wrong, but I just get the feeling that you will not be able to fully enjoy this one knowing (and having your friend of a friend know) that you used the same name as someone who is close to your social circle. If it was a super important name for you that you had been considering from the beginning then I would have a different answer, but there are so many more great, meaningful names on your list and unless you just automatically know that this is The One, then I don't think it's going to be exactly the right choice for you guys. I hope that isn't too harsh. I do really hate to make you think about another option at this point, but I remember from your older threads that you also liked the name Callisto. And it was maybe even partially due to this reason? I think if you do choose to go this direction with her name, then Callisto would be an all around better fit. It would feel more uniquely "hers" than the former, but still have an equally lilting sound and mythological quality. Sending you positive thoughts! =]
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