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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    I'm so very sorry to see this. I had noticed little Roo's name disappearing over the last few weeks but I was hoping it was for privacy's sake. On the other hand, I guess I'm not surprised since I WAS surprised when you decided on the bright Rosalind. Still, that three-name combination of seemingly unrelated names, wove together in the most delightful way and felt like they surely belonged to little sprite emerging from a shady forest. That was the wonder of her original name. I'm so sorry it's not agreeing with you and her, but I'm always on the side of mamas knowing what's best for their little ones.

    I don't automatically visualize names in colors, they have more of a "feel" to me, but I guess I could translate the feel to colors. Melusine just disturbs me, it's so heavy and it doesn't seem at all the way you describe your little one. If Melusine were a color, it would be green and blue yes, but murky and stagnant, like a thick pond with brown sludge weighing down the bottom. I can't see vibrant spring life in this name. At all. Venus is deep red velvet fading to black with a heavy, sultry perfume in the air. Pandora is the only one I can see as light enough to even rank consideration -- and do you know about It's a fairly popular internet radio program, which you can download as an app on your smartphone or use directly from their website online. Granted, my husband is a technical consultant so I'm a bit more "wired" than many, but I'm kind of surprised nobody else has mentioned this. Maybe Pandora Radio isn't a "thing" in UK? I'm afraid I would have a pretty terrible time taking a Pandora seriously.

    Now Chloe and Daphne, yes I can see the green vibrancy of those, though both seem pretty mainstream for you. Peridot also, yes that one is vibrant and spring-like. Pomeline is way too autumn. Blade has a good suggestion in bringing back Alcyone, try giving that one some thought.

    Best wishes to you. Incidentally, I've had four children and between 4-8 weeks after baby I usually go through a little slump of blues. This is the time that the reality of your life starts to sink in. You've got baby barf on your blouse all the time, and you can probably count on one hand how many showers you've had since the birth. You might or might not be getting much sleep at night. This is always the most likely time for me to totally reconsider the child's name or, in general, feel like something (you name it) just isn't right. When we start to see that happening, hubby makes sure to give me a break by watching the little one for awhile and letting me just lock myself in the bathroom for a long bath, self-pedi, tweezing, whatever. Or maybe I'd like a nice long nap, undisturbed. People make such a fuss over you when you're pregnant but the excitement is all over as soon as baby comes. You still need to take care of yourself, get lots of rest and hydration, and you know, you might even still have some crazy cravings going on if you're breastfeeding. I hear you that you were hormonal right before the birth, but the couple of months after a birth are also fairly hormonal. Just because of the timing of this for you I wanted to point out to take a look at how exhausted you might be. I've never gotten so blue that I needed medication, but post-partum-depression can be a big deal, so please take care of yourself and look at what else might be going on for you.

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    Oh figures you reply while I'm composing, and now I don't have any more time. Well anyway, take care of yourself!

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    Hi Ottilie,
    I'm sad to hear that Roo's name isn't fitting her. Like someone else who commented (I can't remember who), I don't really see spirits as having colours, or feelings, so I'm not sure how to help you narrow down your choice. We chose the names for our girls before they were born, and I think that their name will grow to suit them, rather than the other way around. Although, I would say that the name Veda feels very calm to me, and my little Veda is far from calm. Sometimes I think a more lively name would have 'fit' her better. Something like Ruby, or Rosie!

    For me, the name Willow evokes images of the tree, which I love. It feels strong, but flexible, graceful, and beautiful. I love Willow as an option for you, as Roo's mn. For a first name, my favourite option is Venus. Venus Tabitha Wren, or Venus Illyria Willow (I love this one!!)

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    Well I was trying out some combos and I don't think I found anything more impressive than what you've already got/been suggested to you. So I thought I would try a different approach and balance the names by color. These are most of the ones I remember you liking within the same color scheme and I tried to continue toward the red end of the spectrum (which I know is not what you want) just so you could see how they look to me.

    Edit: Ok so I have to admit that it took me wayyy too long to figure out how to make this work properly, and this is the only way I know how to do it. So what happened is that I had to add an extra letter to the end of each one so that NB wouldn't refresh them all as blue links to [name] pages. I apologize in advance for how super weird they look! Just try your best to ignore that part and hopeflly it is helpful to you, lol.

    *Also on the subject of Pandora, I was wondering what was bothering me about that one and I think it is in fact the existance of the online radio station Saracita brought up, coupled also with the fact that it's the name of those silver charm bracelets that are big in the jewlery world right now. Two mentions that are making the name a bit more of a mainstream reference to "things" instead of a reference to a myth/person. =(
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    Oh, no, I just wrote an in depth reply to everyone and then it crashed... and now it's gone! auto save apparently didn't work.

    aurra; Persephone is a lovely name, and a favourite of mine (I feel very connected to the Goddess), but boyfriend is very against it. He doesn't like the abduction/rape elements but I'm trying to convince him for the next baby.

    katie; thank you, I think the Tabitha Wren middle combo is gorgeous.

    Dina; yes, there is something in keeping some of the original name. And Illyria is beautiful.

    Angel; I don't see Venus as all light, but she does have light aspects. I love the complexity, and would like for my daughter to have some darker sides when she grows up too. And you don't need to convince me on Persephone Yes, we'll pronounce Alcyone with a soft c. I studied classics under the best classicists in the world, and they often pronounced the original hard c's soft. It's lovely either way, though.

    Saracita; the radiostation thing never took off here. I remember it vaguely, but that was years and years ago. I feel good, thank you, I am exhausted, but I'm lucky, my boyfriend does more than his share of the work (his studio's in the house, but hes barely stepped in there since Baba was born). And my daughter sleeps a lot. I think she's like me, I always slept.

    Labmama; yay! It makes me so happy when people like Venus. It might be a sign... Venus Illyria Willow is gorgeous, I agree with that! (and I think Veda, while a very calm name, suits your daughter's looks perfectly!)

    Amy; wohoo, look at that; it's like a rainbow! I agree with almost all of them! That must've taken some time... so so cool. Love it! Thanks honeypie! And also, charm bracelets you say? That is interesting... I love charm bracelets... corny I know
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