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    Caro; Goddaughter named Willow, lucky you! Pandora Daphne Willow is absolutely stunning! Double nature doesn't matter to me...

    Angel; I do like Rohana, just not for this Baba. Maybe the next one, if I'm so lucky? I do love the Oceanids, Calypso would fit her well but a friend of mine has a little girl with that name. Xanthe and Ianthe are both lovely, but Xanthe is very blonde to me and my boyfriend dislikes Ianthe (???). Nephele is lovely too, but I see it more as a middle... Pandora and Venus are both light names to me; Pandora is all beauty, hope and curiosity and Venus/Aphrosidte is (to me) a Goddess connected to light and happiness. I guess I'm one of the few who don't see female sexuality as something dark. She's basically the only Goddess I see completely connected to the light and the living. Thank you though!

    Emma; the Pandora story is one of my favourites. I'm not connected to it the same way I am to Persephone, but it's always been one of the ones I've been most intrigued by. It's also one of Cocteau Twins' loveliest songs, and Tori Amos has a song called Pandora's Aquarium which gives me the same feeling as a weekend at a spa. Now that I think about it there's an underlying Tori theme here... or maybe I just find that anywhere. Melusine Illyria Willow is gorgeous, but learning that Melusine is the Starbucks chick makes me cool to the name.

    mayamae; go ahead, I haven't taken out a patent or anything

    Madam Blade; thank you for that reply. It warms my soul when you talk like that. If I could hug you, I would. My boyfriend and I discussed Alcyone last night and it's now an official contender. I don't know why it slipped my mind, because it's one of my all time favourite names, and it does have the right feeling and colour. Maybe because I'd hidden it away in my winter section... Your right about the family thing as well, there are a few ancient names on our family trees. The suggestions are beautiful; Alcyone Illyria Wren in particular.

    Lex; thanks! I love Alcyone Tabitha Wren. The pairing of these two middles have pretty much stuck in my head. Circe is one I'd still love to use, but not for this Baba. It's a bit too dark...

    Bre; Yeah, I've loved Alcyone for a looong time, and Venus and Pandora too. Venus was always on my guilty pleasure list, but I think it's wearable. 7 baby Venus's was born in England in 2011, and there's ms. Williams. And in addition, she is the best Goddess. Never a victim, in control of her own body, joyous, lovely and beautiful. And she chose appropriate men too! And I need to listen to that Jessie J song now!

    Zelia; Thank you! Ad you are not horrible at suggesting names Zenobia and Hespera are both two of my favourites, but they don't suit this one. They will be on the list for my next one though, if that's a girl. I love Rosemarie, it's super cute, but one of my dearest friends is named Rosemary.

    Rosey; Pomeline is indeed adorable, we've put it on hold for a future baby though. Maybe an autumny one. Pomeline Verna Niniane is beautiful. I like Iris, Ondine, Signe, Clover and Opal from your list. Opal is one I've never considered before, but I've recently started to really like it.

    Bonfire; associations can be hard to shake! Thanks for your opinions

    karacavazos; thank you! I really like Pomeline Artemis Laurel and Melusine Artemis Willow, gorgeous!

    RGE; thanks, I really hope I don't turn out like your friend though! Cray stuff... I love Alcyone Illyria Wren, it's stunning!

    Moon; Pandora Willow Illyria is breathtaking! I love Pandora, thank you for defending it!

    Rollo; thank you, and your opinion is always appreciated. I love Celeste and Freya very much. Fritha sounds too close to froth for me though...

    So we're going to try Alcyone, Pandora and Venus for a few days and see what fits.

    Alcyone Illyria Wren, Alcyone Tabitha Wren
    Pandora Tabitha Wren, Pandora Willow Illyria
    Venus Tabitha Wren, Venus Laurel Sybilla, Venus Illyria Willow
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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