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    [...]Rosalind only appeared on our lists very soon to her birth, it wasn't a name I loved for months. I was hormonal, and (not to blame this) I'm bipolar, and my mood even on meds goes up and down, how secure or insecure I am. The last while before she was born was difficult, I was scared and I lost track of what I was really looking for in a name. [...]
    I never thought about this before but this makes so much sense. When Rosalind popped up for the first time I remember thinking "huh... I never saw that coming" and "I wonder if they decided that others - like Alcyone, Circe, Fiammetta and Illyria - were just too out there".

    I'm just going to throw this out there but I think I might choose Alcyone Tabitha Wren or Tabitha Alycone Wren.

    Also I was so about to suggest (half in jest) that you should consider Endora (I love Bewitched and this is definitely a GP name) but I just went back and realized you originally had a Eudora on your list. They seem to fit right in with Pandora and might be great alternatives depending on the combo. (Though Endora is a bit of a firecracker isn't she?)
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