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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    My cousin had a very similiar experience when she renamed her daughter at 6months. She said that the best piece of advice she got, for what its worth, is to set yourself a time limit to come up with a name. That way you don't feel in a panic to come with one, but you don't end up umming and ahhing forever. Hope that's helpful!
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    I love the name Pandora because I think that a little girl would love being called Panda(!) or the tamer Dora. Beautiful

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    Hmmm, please don't take offense to what I say here. Just my observation. Before nameberry, the only time I had ever heard of changing a child's name was with an adoption. Fast forward and every week on here someone is wanting to change the child's name. Personally, I think this is mostly a matter of loving names so much that you can't decide which name to pick. You obviously loved Rosalind. I think it is beyond stunning! You spent a lot of time before she was born coming up with the perfect name. These new names are just way too out there for my personal taste. And the spirit/color thing is not something I relate to. Your name doesn't define who you are or what your spirit is. It is a moniker given by the parent. Don't get me wrong, you should love the name and it should strike a chord with you. But it doesn't determine your essence as a human being. However, I respect that this is your own personal belief.

    Before you lose such a lovely gem, I would really think about it. Are you sure you aren't just having regret over not being able to use some the more unique names that you love? Names that you never hear, but want others to be familiar with? My advice would be to keep Rosalind and save these other name loves for future children.

    Good Luck!

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    milasmama; Melusine Chloe Ostara is lovely, thank you for you opinions.

    sweet Ren; Yay, you like Pandora! Goodie, I love this name.

    freya; Daphne is lovely. Maybe I should rethink this... at least for a middle.

    mothernature; thank you! I love Melusine Atalanta Willow too.

    Amy; please do! I'm not overly good at combos as we know, so help is always appreciated! Nice top three by the way.

    Vintage; Pandora Tabitha Wren, that's a thought! Thank you, I love it!

    Lex; I really love Tabitha and Wren together as well. It's magical. Thanks! And I love Nora for Pandora. The only one I've thought of is Pandia (the Goddess of brightness).

    Bladey Blade; Alcyone! Oooh, I forgot about Alcyone... what do we think? Need to run it by my man, but I am a big Alcyone fan. Idony, yes, as a middle for sure. Euphrosyne is a thrilling idea as well! Love it.

    Irms; I love Melusine Aurora Emer. It's a very cute suggestion. I love the myths surrounding Melusine as well, so mystical and enchanting.

    Clocktower; Lauretta is very frilly in my head. And even though Monty Python used Loretta, I still hear the conversation in Life of Brian about mens right to have babies and all that...

    Leona; I agree. Melusine has Mel and Lucy, Pandora has Pandia, Nora and Dora. Alcyone has Alli and Cy.

    Moonkai; thank you, it is rather lovely. Is Pandora Willow Selene or Pandora Tabitha Wren best?

    Freya; yeah, we've given ourselves one month. Next time around we won't name the baby at the hospital... that's for sure

    Mayamea; I know right? Panda or Pandia (a Goddess) are both adorable.

    Boy&Girl; No offense, but people are different. We're in tune with different things in our lives and our natures are different, and I don't expect everyone to understand, but I hope it's respected. Rosalind only appeared on our lists very soon to her birth, it wasn't a name I loved for months. I was hormonal, and (not to blame this) I'm bipolar, and my mood even on meds goes up and down, how secure or insecure I am. The last while before she was born was difficult, I was scared and I lost track of what I was really looking for in a name. It doesn't suit her, and that's why I'm changing it now before she recognises her name which she will in a few months.

    Thanks again everyone!
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    From your new list I definitely prefer Melusine.

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